Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drawing Jam Septemeber:Rachael Dashae

inspired to draw this cause I saw a friend of mines blog. is a great site with very talented artists. I sketch this in 20mins...but I think my rushing made me neglect some of the important parts.


echoform said...

very cool. love the foreshortenting and the pose. hope to see more!

Mindy Lee said...

Beautiful sketch joffery!

Jo said...

loved it :D

Steve sculpts critters said...

Maybe you just left out the unimportant parts!
Nice pic!

Nathalii. Scheepmans said...

Hey Joffrey, I used your artwork as an example for the (new) Drawing Jam.
If you're not ok with it, no problem. Just let me now and I'll remove it!
But I loved your sketch!